Sunday, July 15, 2018

DESTINY: The Tale of Kamakura(2017) Fantasia 2018

In my curtain raiser for this year's Fantasia I mentioned that every year I see films that end up on my best of the year list. This year with DESTINY: THE TALE OF KAMAKURA its seeing one of the films that maybe one of  my favorites of all time.

A writer who lives in the town of Kamakura marries a young woman he has instantly fallen for and brings her home. She is unaware that the town she lives in is magical so creatures, spirits and gods live there as well. Wondrous things happen.

I won't say more other than this is pure movie magic. I want to go live there. Think of this film as a live action version of the magical places in Studio Ghibli films. Actually the film kind of borrows and makes it's own all sorts of bits from films and fantasies else where. Not that you'll mind or notice because by the time you're half an hour in Kamakura will be it's own wonderful place.

Wonderfully simple, yet gloriously complex in its plotting, what you think are toss aways are in fact important or referential to things later on (that night market statue for example). This is a film that is a finely oiled machine and you'll need multiple viewings just to see it. And you'll want to see it and share it which is the best part.

This is a wonderful romance cum fantasy about true love and destiny. In an age where there is so much down beat hatred and disappointment  it is a great joy to find a film filled with genuine love and kindness and real magic. It is such a joyous film that any burps are forgiven because the overall package about love and life outshines the flaws.

Hands down this is one of my most favorite films of 2018 and maybe ever.

The film has finished it's Fantasia screening but I know it will be showing up else where soon so keep an eye out.

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