Friday, July 27, 2018

Tourism (2018) Japan Cuts 2018

I’m going to say upfront that like Daisuke Miyazaki‘s previous film Yamato (California), Tourism didn’t work for me. Part drama, part documentary the film is very close to watching someone’s home movies if they actually took the time to really pick their shots to frame the action.

The plot of the film has a couple of friends going to Singapore to meet up with a friend who lives there. After the touristy places are a bust they go to mall. One get separated and begins to really see the city and its people.

It looks good but it didn’t connect to me. Part of the problem is I really didn’t care for anyone on screen until the second half. I didn’t really care about the characters because they were so bland. Until the touristy stuff goes there is no one here. I think the other problem is that some of the funding came from a tourist board with the result everything has its best foot forward.

If you liked Miyazaki's earlier film give the film a shot otherwise you’re on your own.

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