Thursday, July 26, 2018

Japan Cuts Shorts

Hypnotic piece about a woman, water and dance.
I can't say more since it is a film that is all about the image and sound and how you react to it

BIVALVIA: ACT 1 (Experimental)
A contemplation of the emptiness of life through a look at bivalves.
Odd film will either thrill you make you wonder why. I wondered why a lot

BREATHING HOUSE (experimental)
Cinematic poem about a house

Possibly my favorite film at Japan Cuts is 4 minutes of trippy animation. If it ran a couple of hours drugs would no longer be a problem.WOW and then some

How Can You Know Where to Go If You Do Not Know Where You Have Been?
A woman remembers the 2nd world war on the home front. Its good but subtitles get lost on the white background

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