Saturday, August 3, 2013

A brief review of Tiger Mask (2013) Fantasia FIlm Festival

Based on a manga, TV show and anime Tiger Mask concerns a teenage boy in an orphanage who is forced to leave it when it closes. Taken away to the Tiger's Pit where he trains to be super strong by a man known as Mr X. Trained to be a wrestler he is given a tiger mask which will enhance his abilities for a short time. Years pass and loyaty is tested...

I'm the wrong audience for this film. I am neither a fan of the original manga, nor am I six nor, am I particularly fond of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Sure the violence is a bit more graphic and the suits kind of look cool but at the same time there really isn't much here beyond the kiddie level. There is nothing wrong with that but I was really hoping for a bit more

Worth a shot if you're a fan of the source or really need something not particularly taxing.

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