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A bunch of reviews from Fantasia that I didn't feel warranted  their own review slot but which I wanted note as having been seen

VESSEL (2013)
Low key science fiction filmabout Ash, a young man living on the fringes of society. Gifted or cursed with the ability to connect with aliens who came to earth near the time of Roswell.  As his disconnection with humanity grows he has to choose be between saving the world or himself.

Talky low key film seems more lke a regular inde-mumblecore filme about a loner trying to get by. I'm not saying that as a knock, rather to simply say that the film doesn't look or feel like a science fiction film except in the passing references and odd moments. Its a good solid film that I know is destined to fall between the cracks because it isn't overtly what its advertsied to be.

As with many films at this years Fantasia I'm looking forward to seeing it again away from the crush of the films where I can rightly give the film the attention it deserves.

Its the old story of a man coming home after a long abscence only to be told he died weeks before. He was a brilliant scientist working on a regeneration formula which actually worked.

Good but too similar to other better variations on the theme is a good time passer but nothing I would hunt out except on a slow night.
As a bunch of friends get ready for a New Years Eve party the world suddenly goes mad as an outbreak of violence strikes turning the infected into hoicidal maniacs.

By the numbers story is of interest mainly because the method of infection involves social media. While the film is well done with some truly icky acts of violence there really isn't anything new except that everyone is on smart phones tablets or computers. If you don't mind a well done well worn path give it ago, but if you want something new look elsewhere

Mix FORBIDDEN ZONE with Guy Maddin stir in a pretentious black and white grain, garnish with a hipster sense of humor and knowingness then flush the whole thing down the toilet. This is a strange film that is trying to be... I don't know what. It seems more like a send up of any number of things rather than actually being about something. To be honest I was willing to go with the strangeness and knowing attitude for a while but then after ten or fifteen minutes I began to lose my patience, especially when I realized this nonsense ran for another seventy five minutes. Its a clever way to do an avant garde short but as a feature its way too long especially if you're not in on the joke,

They've built a farm over the bull dozed nuclear reator in Tromaville, what could go wrong.
Celebrity and bare breast filled restart of the NUKE'EM HIGH movies is knowing and silly and exactly the sort of thing that the fans of Troma have been waiting for. All others need not apply.

Dark romance about a young man who's life is forever connected with death. After the death of his mother he decides to kill himself, only to discover a dead girl in his car. facinated and thrilled by how he feels he decides to advertise for suicidal women let him accompany them on their trip into the after life. However there are complications...

Dark romance is not for all tastes. A decidedly different take on life and love the film refuses to take the easy way out or be quirky. If you're in the mood for a little romance with some blackness on the side give it a go

Portrait of the doctor as a sociopath.

Horrible title hides a dark little confection showing the corruption in the Croatian health care system as hard partying doctor manages to make money and survive questionable connections by paying off the right people and smoozing others. A solidly bleak walk on the wild side of life.

Worth tracking down.

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