Sunday, August 11, 2013

Various Nightcap Nonsense for 8/11/13

If you’ve been reading the last few weeks you’ll no doubt have noticed that after roughly six weeks of multiple posts a day things here at Unseen have calmed down to more or less a single post a day. While I know many of you have liked the flood of films, the multiple posts have damn near killed me and Mondo. While I know being timely gets more of you to read what we’re doing it also devours our sanity.

For those who want more timely coverage please take heart in knowing that over the next few weeks we’ll be reviewing several new releases, films at the Lincoln Center Cinema of Resistance series, and we’ll finally be getting our two cents in on some big Hollywood films.

This will of course lead into the madness that is the fall where we will be going insane with The New York Film Festival. The New Yorker Festival, Massive Attack vs Adam Curtis, God Speed You Black Emperor, New York Comicon, The Korean American Film Festival, South Asian Film Festival, The New York City Horror Festival, The Gold Coast Film Festival, DOCNYC and a few other goodies- hopefully including the god damn Chinese Film Festival which no one seems to know a thing about until it happens.

Yea we’re going to be busy so enjoy the relative calm while you can, I know we are.

And speaking of recent releases a bunch of films that we’ve reviewed during their runs at Tribeca and other festivals have either opened or are opening this week

The Patience Stone opens Wednesday

Herblock opens Friday (and not to boast but not only is our first review quoted on the film website, the Quad Cinema is running a quote from our review as well)

Prince Avalanche opened Friday

Off Label also opened Friday


Just a reminder keep an eye out for a few long promised pieces over the next bunch of weeks- Mondo has a few more New York Asian Film Festival/ Japan Cuts pieces coming, John has a few more Tribeca reviews, I have pieces on the state of horror/fandom, Finding the Freidmans and The Act of Killing in various states of completion, plus I have a couple of book reviews in the pipeline


Speaking of the New York Film Festival

As you no doubt know the three big films, opening (Captain Phillips) centerpiece (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and closing (Her) films have been announced. They all look good and with luck we'll make it into the press screenings.

If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the slate keep an eye out since it should be announced in the next couple of days since tickets go on sale to the Patrons a week from tomorrow.


Tuesday the next free film from the Korean Cultural Service is I AM the story of the huge K-pop concert that went down at Madison Square Garden. As always doors are at 630 and the film is at 7. For details go here.


And as always we’re ending on a couple of links most of which come from Randi.

Inside a POW camp in WW2

The problem of direct to video films and great directors

Landis, Carpenter and Cronenberg in a roundtable discussion from 1982

Guillermo Del Toro on Vertigo

Flintstones in TV Guide 1960

Hanna Barbera

BAFTA Guru Educational site with long form lectures and such

Reaction to Miyazaki's new film

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