Thursday, August 29, 2013

A few words on Abigail Harm (2012)

Amanda Plummer stars as the title character, a woman a drift in life. She earns some money by reading to house bound people, however she never really connects and longs to have a companion.After meeting a mysterious man (will Patton) she is told where to go so she can find one. All she need do is take the robe of a certain person and he will remain with her until she gives it back (it mirrors the legend of the Nymph and the Woodcutter). Soon she finds herself with a companion...

Low key fairy tale inspired drama is a tour de force for Plummer and the rest of the cast. The fact that the film is compelling as it is is thanks entirely to the acting chops of all concerned, they all kick serious butt. However the main praise must go to Plummer who's on screen for pretty much every second of the films scant 80 minutes. Her face is all one need to watch as she runs through pretty much every emotion under the sun, dragging us along and making us feel whether we want to or not. Its the sort of quite small scale performance that should get attention come awards season but won't, not because it's bad rather because it's too real and doesn't seem to be acting. This is one of those performances that will haunt you.

The film opens tomorrow at the Quad Cinemas in Manhattan and is worth searching out. Its one of those small scale gems that Unseen Films was started to highlight. Go see it,or at the very least put it on your list of films to track down.

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