Sunday, August 4, 2013

A couple or three paragraphs on Les 4 soldats (2013) Fantasia Film Festival

Set in an alternate(?) future where a civil war erupts over economics, the rich have all the money, the poor have none so the poor form militia to fight the military that is controlled by the rich. With many parents dead and society destabilized, many teens fall into the militias because they create a sense of belonging. The narrator of our story Dominique fell into the militia for just such a reason. Along the way she forms close ties to four young men (the title group)...

Great performances and a realistic feel to the militia army on the march highlight this little gem of a film.  Not so much a war film (the few war sequences are for the most part just okay) so much as a character study about people trying to find a place, this is one of those neat little films I probably never would have paid any attention to outside of a film festival. Yea I know that's bad of me, but with so many films fliting across my radar some times one needs a festival like Fantasia to preselect my viewing choices.

A solid  little character study that I really want to revisit when I can see it away from the crush of the festival and I can truly enjoy it's treats on its own terms. My advice is get a ticket when this plays tomorrow at the festival.

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