Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On Further Review Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

I suspect I'll be joing her once fans of the film read my say
Josh Whedon’s small scale assault on Shakespeare is one of the more over hyped films of the year. Receiving some of the best reviews I’ve seen and receiving gushing word of mouth from acquaintances who’ve seen it, one would think that the film were the start of the second coming of the bard. Back in June, with the thought of seeing something special I headed off to see the film in between persoanl appearances of Jackie Chan.

Boy was I disappointed…

For those that don’t know, the plot of the film/play involves several sets of lovers who are manipulated by another set of lovers in order to cause all sorts of mischief. It’s an amusing romp that is incredibly light and entertaining when it has a cast that can create the right light touch, which is the case here. Frankly Joss Whedon has brought a cast together that knocks the play out of the park. They are great and wonderful and if this were on stage I’d pay to see it…

…and now you’re going to ask-what’s the problem beyond that?

The simply the film is at best low grade TV but more often than not it’s little more than a home movie.

Oh I know sacriledge but it’s true. This is a bunch of people staggering around a house drinking wine and reciting Shakespeare. Don’t get me wrong the recitation is wonderful, the problem there is no reason for how the action is staged or where the film is set. Yes, I know it’s the directors home, and I know it’s being done on the cheap (I think the cast was paid in wine) but this is supposed to be a grand manor instead we get a slightly larger than usual suburban house. Scenes take place in rooms for no clear cut reason- a children’s bed room with stuffed animals? People in the pool? No clue. The sequences look cool but are dramatically empty.

Frankly I got to a point where I stopped watching and just listened to the sound of people reciting with my eyes closed.

As an audio book its one of the best. as a film its dull as dirt.

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