Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kino Festival of German Films starts this week

Buy tickets for the KINO Festival now.

Just pick a film, any one and buy a ticket. Actually buy several since the series is fantastic and you need to see as many of the films as humanly possible. No really, I’ve loved everything I’ve seen and I want to see everything I haven’t.

KINO for those who don’t know is a festival of films from Germany. Last year the festival was held at the Museum of Modern Art and had four or five features and some shorts, this year there are ten features plus shorts and they are playing all over New York. (For full details go to the website which can be found here). Last year we covered the festival, and had a good time. This year we’re having a blast seeing some of the best films of the year.

I’m splitting coverage with Mondo so I can’t speak for all the films but what I’ve seen so far have been great.

NAN GOLDIN- I REMEMBER YOUR FACE is a great portrait of the photographer now as she goes through life and puts new collection of photographs together. It’s not the be all and end all about her life, but it’s a great portrait of the lady now. It’s so good you’ll be like me and tracking down more books and interviews. (This is getting a theatrical run starting next Friday)

WHISPERS BEHIND THE WALL is a great thriller about a law student who takes over the apartment of a missing man. What could possibly go wrong, especially since he now has a hot blonde as a landlord? Film noir with a modern twist and black sense of humor. I can’t stop talking it up.

WEST-the opening night film about a woman and her son who move from East Germany to West for a better life only to find suspicion. A super drama that I need to see again and again. Star J├Ârdis Triebel rightly won numerous awards.

BANKLADY- The true story of Germany’s first female bank robber. Think of it as crime bio romance with more style than is allowable by law. Absolutely one of the best films I’ve seen in 2014. I need to see this on a big screen because I need to lose myself in it.

And there’s even more…

Go buy tickets. They can be had here.

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