Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nightcap 6/15/14 The pause before the insanity

Apes on the moon!
It’s been about two weeks since the last nightcap and the world hasn’t exploded-or if it has we’re probably not around to see this post. As this posts we’re winding down Father’s Day and getting ready for a week that is a mix of recent non-festival titles as well as more films from the Human Rights Watch Festival, plus some from the weekend screenings at Kino, plus some new releases…vacation not bloody likely.

A general apology if the some of the recent reviews aren’t at the top of my game. I had a several weeks of reviews set to go a but then I was gifted with the ability to see a whole bunch of more films from various festivals right  before they started so I hunkered down and binged watched them over a few days. That not the way to do it. Great movies, but way too much  and in the case of Human Rights Watch much too heavy for a soul.

Starting next week we go into New York Asian Film Festival mode. Its three weeks of films from the festival plus reports from numerous screenings. We already have reviews scheduled every day from June 23rd until July 13th. After that we’ll have coverage from the final nights of the festival as well as coverage from this year’s Japan Cuts.

Speaking of Japan Cuts. Tickets went on sale to the general public this past Wednesday. I’m sorry I didn’t get the schedule and film up but my mail server was dumping all the Japan Society emails into my spam folder. There is a great deal that looks good so check out the schedule and buy some tickets. Details on the films and tickets can be found here.
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The above photo was taken at Eternal Con held at Long Island's Cradle of Aviation. The Ape is a costume from Escape From the Planet of the Apes. The Lunar Lander is real and was donated by Grumman

And now we're ending with some links from Randi-

Joe Dante on the TCM Pod Cast
Public Domain Films
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Born in the USA was once Died in Vietnam
The Zombie Apocalypse Game Show
Tony Award actors talk
Old Jewish Comedians at the MOCCA Fest
Who wants to buy a 1920's movie theater?
Robert Osborne and Mel Brooks
The origins of Slenderman
Designed by a Ghibli animator


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    1. Will do- but it's going to be a little bit since with the upcoming NYAFF and Japan Cuts I'll probably not be having one go up for a couple of weeks- then again one never knows when I'll pull one together