Thursday, May 7, 2015

Coming Soon: THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE interview

How is it possible that these two nice people are responsible for such a film a LADIES OF THE HOUSE?
Just a quick thank you to Justina Walford and John Wildman for taking the better part of two hours today to talk to me about not only their film LADIES OF THE HOUSE (you must see it it's great) but also movies, their careers and all sorts of stuff. I recorded 80 minutes but it went much longer than that as we moved from Bean to Bean out into the street.

As some of you you know I don't like doing interviews for a variety of reasons, but all I can say is if all the interviews I've done were as much fun and informative as this one I'd do more of them. Sadly most people are not Justina and John so I'm still hesitant to do more interviews-however I will gladly do wanother one with them any time.

After talking to Hubert about how to present the interview-actually after attempting to bribe him to transcribe the interview- I've decided that I'm just going to put it up and let you listen to it. Its a blast and a half and listening to them talk is so much fun I'm sure you'll fall under their spell. I will post the interview as soon as I'm less tired.

In preparation I suggest that you go rent LADIES OF THE HOUSE on VOD and try to puzzle out how it is that a film about lesbian cannibal strippers is based in part on reality. (the answer is coming in the interview)

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