Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dr Kildare Goes Home (1940)

Its not rue that when we treat someone for appendicitis they die of gall stones, when we treat someone for appendicitis they die of appendicitis- hospital switch board operator to her friend.

Fifth film in the MGM series has Kildare moving from intern to full fledged doctor. Not long after Doctor Gillespie gives his speech about being a doctor Kildare learns that his father is wearing out due to over work.  Even helping his dad there is too much to do so Kildare and Gillespie have to come up with an idea to help him. The idea is to set up a clinic in Kildare's home town however not everyone wants the clinic to succeed.

Good, if slightly by the numbers story is like the entire series very enjoyable. That the film over comes its well traveled nature is thanks to the large cast of characters which the writers and director manage to juggle with the greatest of ease. Its the series ability to juggle the multiple characters and make them all well rounded that is a highlight with the series. No one is ever of a type and the series is better for it.

A solid entry in the series.

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