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Nightcap 5/24/15- Things at BAM and elsewhere, The next two months, Randi's links

Lil Bub in one of my recently rediscovered pictures from Tribeca2013

This Memorial Day I have to fill some gaps and fix some mea culpas- Largely owing to the fact that I haven’t been mentioning some events that are happening

The Brooklyn Film Festival starts Friday and runs through June 7. This is one the great small festivals I’ve ever attended. This small little gem of a festival has a wonderful collection of great films you won’t see anywhere else. I love it to death and you should look over its selections (The can be found here) I am not going t be getting there this year owing to scheduling conflicts make a quick drop in or two near impossible.

BAM’s Film Africa has one more day left and It has some great stuff you should check out

Friday also the start of the second part of BAM’s look at wide screen black and white films BLACK AND WHITE SCOPE and it’s a gem. They are running a bunch of films I’m going to try and see finally o the big screen including.ANDRE RUBELEV, LA DOLCE VITA, JULES AND JIM and just about every damn movie. Seiously this is one you must get to.

I’m going to get back on the BAM band wagon and get more info up as things progress. We will be covering a good chunk of the BAMcimena Fest and hopefully their 80’s inde program as well.

I’ve been better with the Film Society of Lincoln Center I have much of June scheduled with their Open Roads sItalian Cinema series, Human Rights Watch and New York Asian Film Festival all slated to go.

I should also point out that in June BAM will have have some great concert films for FREE at their FAB Flicks

However I should point out their TITANUS CHRONICLE OF ITALIAN CINEMA series is running currently and it’s a look back at Italian film where Open Roads is a look at now.
As we head into June and July things are going to get very busy at Unseen Films.

The next seven days as we finish up may we'll also be finishing up the Dr Kildare films. We'll also be running some reviews of some new releases.

After that we're going to head to Lincoln Center for their OPEN ROADS Italian series. That will lead immediately into The Human Rights Watch Film Festival. A week respite into other things will lead us into BAMcinema Fest which will lead straight on to our annual overdose of New York Asian Film Festival and Japan Cuts If all goes well that will lead directly into Fantasia.

I'm worried about having films to review but the festivals keep me bumping things down the road.
Thanks to the small bunch of you who have commented about Unseen's changing appearance. As I write this we're working on changing things up a little bit more. The current set up is purely functional but not quite what we want. If you don't like what we're doing do let us know.
And Now Randi's Links
The world's most remote Film Festival
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