Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We're doing some renovations

As you can see the look of Unseen Films is going through some changes- twice in the last 24 hours- as a matter of fact.

Apologies to everyone who liked the old black background with white letter style, but the time for change has come.

The sudden change was the result of a moment of extreme frustration,  I had been having trouble with the width of the columns handling the images. The images are getting cut off unless they were really small. Also the text was so narrow it was stretching into infinity, especially with some of the recent longer pieces It all came to a head when I was trying to get something concerning the HR Giger Film festival to work and found it wouldn’t. In desperation I just found a style that would allow me to do what I wanted and just changed it.

Feelings for the first change ranged from “I hate it and by the way WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!” to “I really like it, it’s easier to read, but you have to change the tie dye background”.  Worse Randi informed me that there was now a problem with the way the site was coming up on mobile devices.

Because no one has been completely happy with the first change, including myself,  Randi seized the reigns and did a second change to something less “colorful”but much more functional (and I think works on mobile devices). This is only temporary – sometime in the next week to ten days I’m supposed to be sitting down with John and Randi and we’re going to find something that works for the next five and half years or more

Bear with us, this may get bumpy---and please-please let us know what you think of the look. We want your feedback. We can’t make it reader friendly if you, the readers, don’t tell us.

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