Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ariela attends FAIL STATE (2017)DOC NYC 2017

FAIL STATE focuses on for-profit colleges. As time goes on, state budges go down, causing tuition to go up. In the 1970's college was in the $2,000 range. By the early 2000s it was in the $9,000 range and it keeps going up. What are low income students supposed to do? For- profit schools have been targeting low income students, as well as veterans, causing them to have to take out a lot of loans and get meaningless degrees. Some schools are completely fake. (remember Trump University?) One school was said to give a degree to become a gourmet chef, and the students were working in a cafeteria. They were paying money, to work in a cafeteria. Now a lot of these schools have closed, and the students will never get their money back, because the schools have no money. A lot of students feel ashamed for being defrauded and so they're not speaking up about it.

I think the film was well made. My only issue with it was some of the placement of the music. At times it was a bit loud, especially while people were talking, which made it distracting.This is a documentary that I think everyone in high school should see. Dan Rather was the executive producer, so hopefully with his help, this film, and these awful schools will get media attention.

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