Friday, November 24, 2017

THE BEAST and PISTOL FOR DJANGO a Thanksgiving Turkey double feature

THE BEAST is by no means a truly horrifically awful western, but it is not a particularly good one. Klaus Kinski plays a sexual psychopath who gets a gang together to kidnap an heiress in the hope of getting her fortune. Things go horribly wrong.

The problem is that the film is shot so matter of factly that there is no excitement. An opening rape just sort of is there. There is no tension, there is nothing remotely like tension. The worst part is the English dub is awful. I love Kinski and will suffer through almost any film to see him but this is just a waste of time.

PISTOL FOR DJANGO is a lousy movie. More MST3K Material than something to watch straight-and I should know since I am an expert on crappy films. The film is about some brothers who rob a bank and are chased by other people who want the money but it’s so poorly and uncaringly done you’ll understand what a paycheck job is after seeing this. How bad is it? Watch the action sequences and watch how people look for places to die. Bang- I’m dead- wait where can I fall that won’t hurt. No one seems to care.

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