Wednesday, November 8, 2017

DOC NYC 2017 Capsules: PLOT 35 and STANDING UP

Gut punch of a film had director Eric Caravaca looking back at the sister he never knew- one who died years before he was born and which he parents almost never mentioned. In the course of investigating the matter he finds there is a great deal he doesn't know about his parents.

Stunning film reveals a hell of a story while forcing us to ponder how well we know the people closest to us. A perfectly modulated film it starts with an off kilter and off hand recounting of the death of Charlotte and then rolls through time forcing us to ponder what we know of the story and of the people we know. Its perfectly made tale that will leave you moved.

Portrait of three aspiring comedians who travel from open mic night to open mic night hoping to make it big,

Warm charming and very funny look at the the men and women who have to follow their heart and attempt to become stars. It is a film where the perfect director has met up wit the perfect subjects and the result is a truly special film. I think this may very well be one of the best documentaries on stand up comedy that I've ever seen,


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