Sunday, March 11, 2018

Queens World Film Festival starts Thursday

Queens World Film Festival starts Thursday and if you can get to Queens you should go. It is a huge sprawling event taking place in multiple venues across the borough and screening hundreds of films. I could be wrong but I think it may be the largest film festival in New York City as to film count. Best of all it is an extremely well programmed festival with films for everyone.

Admittedly Unseen Films has not given the festival the attention it deserves. It’s a major mistake on our part because the festival keeps being the place where great films and great filmmakers come to New York and I’m constantly kicking myself for missing a great film I could have seen earlier at the festival.

One of the (happy) problems with the festival is there are simply way too many movies. Don’t let the fact the majority of films are shorts fool you, they are all kick ass films. Films like BLACKMOOR have the impact of a full-fledged feature. Other films like ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE are true pieces of art, and SOMETHING IN THE DARK is just creepy scary. There is a vast embarrassment of riches.

In picking the films to screen I went with the films that instantly made me say yes without a thought. There was a long list and I had to triage somehow. I also included the films I was sent by filmmakers. I love to see films from filmmakers who are willing to do what they have to do to get their films seen and one of the best parts of the festival is thatthey always pick filmmakers who are approachable about their work.

Reviews will start closer to the festival start and there is some great stuff playing. Actually I’ve really liked everything that I’ve seen so much so I can’t wait to go through the remaining films. But don’t wait for me just go to the festival website and buy tickets.

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