Monday, March 26, 2018

THE ALIENIST: Episode 10: Castle in the Sky

Kreizler comes to terms with his demons
The final episode is here. All is revealed with the villains of the piece getting theirs and the team growing and moving on (and no that isn't a spoiler because you know how it has to end).

My thoughts are brief tonight- largely because you should just watch the episode. And largely I have little to say beyond saying I want to dive in and go again.

To be honest the episode isn't perfect. The episode has the same flaws that the novel did in bringing the mystery to a close. Its bumpy, but I expected that. The wrap up past that was excellent and emotional. The post mystery bits are top flight and moved me. I really want to see the sequel Angel of Darkness come next with this cast.

This was awesome from start to finish and just damn wonderful. If you haven't been watching do so. If you have you're in for a treat

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