Monday, March 12, 2018

Steve's thoughts on White Fang (2018) NYICFF 2018

While Joe Bendel already reviewed WHITE FANG I'd like to take a minute and just add my two cents.

Shot in Ultra widescreen- even a big screen TV isn't wide enough- this film looks like a textured paintings come to life.A kin to LOVING VINCENT is look at times this film simply pleases the eye with every shot.

While not graphic, it keeps the violence just off screen, the film doesn't shy away from the nastiness of life hundred or so years ago. People are ugly, violence happens both in the wild and the world of men. We are not spared anything. The result was an audience of kids that audibly reacted when things happened on screen getting upset when unhappy things happened and applauding when the good ones did. Many parents were wiping tears from their eyes at the end.

It is a stunning achievement and I would be shocked if it doesn't end up with an Oscar nomination at years end.

Highly recommended.

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