Tuesday, March 27, 2018

From the Vault: Cohen Film Collection April - May, 2018 at the Quad

The Quad presents rarely screened crime thrillers starring Alain Delon, W.C. Fields shorts, Jazz shorts featuring Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington & Cab Calloway, André Téchiné's Scene of the Crime, and more from the Cohen Film Collection

Criminal Tendencies: Three Alain Delon thrillers

April 2-12

Le Gang
Jacques Deray, 1977, France/Italy, 105m, DCP
In 1945, as World War II comes to a close, five small time crooks unite to form a gang led by Delon. Soon the police attempt to stop their crime spree—so how long will their luck last? In French with English subtitles
Three Men To Kill
Jacques Deray, 1980, France, 93m, DCP
Delon comes to the aid of a man lying wounded in the road, and soon becomes the target for the killers, who see him as a dangerous witness. A gritty, violent, and suspenseful thriller. In French with English subtitles
Two Men In Town
José Giovanni, 1973, Italy, 100m, DCP
Released from prison, former bank robber Delon finds honest work and new love. But a vengeful cop begins to stalk him, and his former partners in crime try to lure him back, pushing his determination to go straight to the breaking point. In French with English subtitles

Five shorts from W.C. Fields

April 13-19

TRT 91m
The Barbershop, Arthur Ripley, 1933, U.S., 20m, DCP
The Fatal Glass of Beer, Clyde Bruckman, 1933, U.S., 20m, DCP
The Golf Specialist, Monte Brice, 1930, U.S., 21m, DCP
The Pharmacist, Arthur Ripley, 1933, U.S., 20m, DCP
Pool Shark, Edward Middleton, 1915, U.S., 10m, DCP

Nine Jazz Shorts

April 20-26

TRT 100m
Jazz à la Cuba, director unknown, 1933, 5m, DCP
with Don Aspiazzu, "foremost exponent of the Rhumba"

A Rhapsody in Black and Blue, Aubrey Scotto, 1932, 10m, DCP
with Louis Armstrong

Symphony in Black, Fred Waller, 1933, 10m, DCP
with Duke Ellington

A Bundle of Blues, Fred Waller, 1933, 9m, DCP
with Duke Ellington

Cab Calloway's Hi-De-Ho, Fred Waller, 1934, 10m, DCP
with Cab Calloway

Hoagy Carmichael, Leslie Roush, 1939, 10m, DCP
with Jack Teagarden and his orchestra

Artie Shaw's Class in Swing, Leslie Roush, 1939, 10m, DCP
with Artie Shaw

St. Louis Blues, Dudley Murphy, 1929, 16m, DCP
with Bessie Smith

Black and Tan Fantasy, Dudley Murphy, 1929, 19m, DCP
with Duke Ellington

Scene of the Crime

April 27 - May 3
André Téchiné, 1986, France, 90m, DCP
This restrained psychological thriller traces the complex ripple effects of a chance run-in between a 14-year-old youth and an escaped criminal in the woods in rural France. Anchoring the film is a spectacularly controlled Catherine Deneuve, who plays the boy’s mother and lives in turn with her own maman (Danielle Darrieux). As her life takes a chaotic turn, Deneuve’s dark past is gradually—and gracefully—unveiled. In French with English subtitles

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