Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Timmy Slays the Talent Show (2017) QWFF 2018

Adam Vincent Wright's TIMMY SLAYS THE TALENT SHOW is a charming little cinematic message to kids struggling with their identities and sexual orientation and a damn fine film beyond that.

Timmy's is not "man" enough for his soon to be step-dad who takes great pains to tell him that once he marries Tim's mom he will make sure he grows up to be a real man and make sure he isn't queer.  When Tim performs at the local talent contest and wins over the audience the step-father is horrified.

Lovely story about being yourself and finding acceptance is a little shot of hope for kids who are just trying to be themselves. While to be certain that not all kids will have a mom as wonderful as Timmy, the film's hopeful message could also be seen to say that there are people out there who will love and support you for who you really are.

Message aside what makes TIMMY SLAYS THE TALENT SHOW something special is it is just a good film. You can't help but like everyone except the stepfather which not only helps gets the message across it endears the film to us as well. Well done from top to bottom it is a film that will just make you smile. This is good time with good people. We can't ask for more than that.

Very recommended.

TIMMY SLAYS THE TALENT SHOW played at Queens World Film Festival on March 16th. The film is playing at JDIFF next month 

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