Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Action Figures: Prime Cuts from McQueen, Marvin, Bronson, and Brown March 31-April 12 at the Quad

The Quad explores another era of onscreen machismo with career highlights from four of cinema's most magnetic men: Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, and Jim Brown. With 16 titles (14 on 35mm) including The Dirty Dozen, The Magnificent Seven, The Professionals, and more!

Machismo can’t easily be defined, yet moviegoers can always sense when it manifests on the big screen. It has often materialized in the form of charismatic (read: cool) men who incite a mix of envy, admiration, and attraction in both sexes. In the 1960s, four of its most prominent practitioners parlayed their skills into cinematic immortality. They came from differing backgrounds and career trajectories: Steve McQueen had garnered attention on TV, Lee Marvin had exercised stage chops, Charles Bronson had toiled in journeyman roles, and Jim Brown was an NFL icon. Crossing over to the big screen, Brown broke down barriers as an African-American action star; Bronson carved out a distinctive taciturn persona; and McQueen and Marvin wrestled with audience expectations as well as their own drives and demons. Their respective paths sometimes crossed onscreen, as their roles took them back to WWII, into the West, and through 1970s grit. So saddle up, strap in, and clench fists for a wild ride with these tough guys.

Death Hunt Peter Hunt, 1981, U.S./Hong Kong, 97m, 35mm
Death Wish Michael Winner, 1974, U.S., 93m, 35mm
The Dirty Dozen Robert Aldrich, 1967, U.S./UK, 150m, 35mm
El Condor John Guillermin, 1970, U.S., 102m, 35mm
Emperor of the North Robert Aldrich, 1973, U.S., 118m, 35mm
The Getaway Sam Peckinpah, 1972, U.S., 123m, 35mm
The Great Escape John Sturges, 1963, U.S., 172m, DCP
Hard Times Walter Hill 1975, 93m, U.S. 4K DCP
Hell Is for Heroes Don Siegel, 1962, US, 90m, 35mm
The Killers Don Siegel, 1964, US, 93m, 35mm
The Magnificent Seven John Sturges, 1960, US, 127m, 35mm
Prime Cut Michael Ritchie, 1972, 88m, U.S., 35mm
The Professionals Richard Brooks, 1966, US, 117m, 35mm
The Sand Pebbles Robert Wise, 1966, US, 181m, 35mm
Slaughter Jack Starrett, 1972, US/Mexico, 92m, 35mm
The Stone Killer Michael Winner, 1973, US/Italy, 95m, 35mm

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