Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ted Geoghegan and Jon Huber discuss the making of MOHAWK: The audio

This is the raw audio of the interview I did with Ted Geoghegan and Jon Huber about Ted's film MOHAWK. I was not planning on recording it because I thought since it as recorded in a public space in the Hotel W wouldn't be good, however after listening to it as I worked on editing the transcript I realized that despite the background noise the interview sounds pretty good. I also realized that there is a big difference between reading Ted and Jon's words and listening to them say them. So with that in mind, and because I still have a way to go to finish editing the transcript, I'm posting the audio.

I've known Ted for almost as long as I've been doing Unseen Films but I've never been able to sit down with him and talk to him about his movies. We've tried a couple of times to make an interview happen but it never came together. However with the release of MOHAWK it managed to come together.

Joining us for the interview was Jon Huber who plays Lachlan Allsopp in the film. While fans of the WWE know Jon as Luke Harper, I had no idea who he was. Based on his performance in the film I thought he was an experienced actor, however MOHAWK was his first dramatic acting role.

When I met Jon in the hotel lobby before the interview I apologized for not knowing wrestling so I wouldn't have a lot of questions for him.  He was delighted that I wouldn't be asking all wrestling questions and just talking to him about the film. As for not having questions,  once we started talking there he was in  the thick of the discussion at every step.

As I said the recording begins a couple of seconds before the actual interview and then just takes off to the ending.

I want to thank Daniela Sapkar and Stacey Cusack of Sapkar PR for arranging the interview and herding me through it all. And of course need to thank both Ted and Jon for doing this.

And for those who would rather read the interview instead of listening the transcript is coming soon.
Jon Huber and Ted Geoghegan

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