Monday, March 5, 2018


The ramifications of the loss of the main suspect and the latest killing play out with Byrnes and Connor unintentionally making things worse for everyone, a new suspect emerging, and JP Morgan begins to fear the wrath of the crowds. Meanwhile Kriezler begins to change under the weight of circumstances.

While a forward progress is made in the case much of the action revolves around Kriezler who is forced to confront the fruit of his self centered behavior. The slap to Sarah and his behavior to the people in his household (Cyrus, Stevie,and Mary) result in course changes. There is also a great deal of quiet discussion about society, racism and our piss poor treatment of each other.

Another solid episode makes me sad that there are only three more left to go. While this is not a place to come aboard if you haven't been watching the episode will delight those who have been on board from the start.

I also need to mention that the episode is the first time where I have a sense that things were lost from the book. While it's been years since I read the book I believe that some of the Stevie and Cyrus material has been cut down. Of course I could be wrong.


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