Friday, September 28, 2012

Final Cut- Ladies and Gentleman (2012) New York Film Festival 2012

You have one shot (Monday night) to see this one of a kind riff on the movies when it plays the New York Film Festival. If you love movies and think you can pick out clips from any film you must see this, it will amaze you. Seriously this when the film works, it provides some of my favorite movie moments of the year.

Cut from over450 films Final Cut is a series of sequences brought together to tell a boy meets girl typical love story, complete with infidelity, war and sex (its not for kids). its a marriage of music (culled from movies) and image that will have you wanting to stop the film frequently to figure out where the clip was from, or becoming amazed at how  well the new music makes some movie moments better. (I'll only say Staying Alive and leave you to discover the rest). Since it's so many movies joined with rapid fire cutting you will not want to blink.

As a real movie I'm not sure it adds up to much, some bits are too long, others are too short, but at the same time it's a sweet little confection that will have anyone who loves movies smiling from ear to ear.

I had a blast when it was on, and I want to see it again, despite having some reservations about some of it.

On any level this is one of the must see films of the film festival simply because its a film that is deliriously in love with film.

Go see this movie.

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