Sunday, September 16, 2012

No Sunday Nightcap - 9/16/12

I'm not posting a Nightcap this week.

I had written something about the Innocence of Muslims mess.  I had written a long piece, that I was quite happy with, that looked at it from whether a film like that should be given Freedom of Speech protection.

When I finished the piece I started to read a couple of piece on the whole affair  by some people I respect and turned away disgusted. The holier than thou and condescending attitudes that they  held for everyone on every side of it left a sour taste in my mouth. Almost everything I was reading was knee jerk "you're all wrong, you should all just grow up", with no one even taking a nano-second to try and understand why anyone would be upset about anything. Worse everyone was screaming irrationally in any comments section. 

I looked at what I wrote again. Looking it over  I pondered all the stupidity being spewed on the subject and decided to pull the piece I had written. I'm not getting into a fight. I'll post it down the line if and when cooler heads prevail. ( I should also point out that the hows and whys of the making of the film are still being discovered and what I had written depends a great deal on what really happened.)

I should say based on the clips I've seen, that the film is beyond bad. It is so bad that I would argue it's one of the worst films ever made on a purely artistic level. I completely understand how the film had to pay to get shown in a theater.


This week some recent films I've run across.

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