Thursday, September 17, 2015

Film Diary 2015 should You Tube Clips be considered movies?

August 14
I spent 3 or 4 hours not sleeping watching You Tube Clips of weird shit. I mean really weird stuff- various short films, conspiracy rants, top five this or top ten that. The hours slid away in five and ten minute increments. I kept going- "one more and I'll go to bed- one more...." and suddenly it was after two.

I kind of felt bad because I wasn't watching some kind of film. Well there were shorts but most of them were sans actual titles and were simply listed as Creepiest Shorts One, or something like that. They weren't the sort of things I could discuss because I couldn't tell you what I was actually seeing.

Even now I still don't know what the hell I watched last night.

Actually as I beat myself up I kind of realized that all of these short clips really are short films, Yea I know "it's obvious" but at the same time most of this stuff - the five creepiest photos of WW2  or worst wrecks in NASCAR history would seem to be news reports but they are mini docs (hence potential Unseen fodder).

Was any of this stuff any good? I have no idea but some of it was scarier than most horror recent films and others were more entertaining than most of what Hollywood has put out.

Ultimately most of the stuff I watched was like the cinematic equivilent of Lay Potato Chips- you can't eat only one.

Here's a random selection of things I had been watching

Cashes that changed NASCAR
Race car crashes with original commentary
A multi-part film on the making of RETURN TO OZ
Urban legends that turned out to be true
17 creepy photographs
Creepy photographs with with disturbing back stories
Studio ADI's film
Recent discoveries that could change history
Scary things kids have said
Lost kids films
Unexplained trail cam photos
MK ULTRA stories: Coraline- this is part of a series
Japanese Urban Legends
Disney film theories

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