Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jack (2015) Toronto 2015

Deeply disturbing psychological portrait of serial killer  Jack Unterweger who killed a young woman in 1974, was sentenced to prison and then was released 15 years later as a literary celebrity. Acting as reporter Unterweger managed to kill women on both sides of the Atlantic before anyone realized what he was doing.

I first became aware of Unterweger when John Malkovich portrayed him in a theater piece that toured the world where he explained his crimes while his victims sang. It was a weird evening of theater that gave an inkling of the man's head space. Elisabeth Scharang's film is disturbing because watching events transpire from Unterweger's POV on a big screen there is no where to run and no way to look away.

What makes the film so bothersome is not that we're seeing anything truly graphic, rather we are in a head space that is not our own. Johannes Krisch who plays the lead looks several years older and a bit more shop worn than the the real life mad man, but thats okay since he puts his jagged looks to good use so its clear from the first time we see him we should be afraid of him. There is something not quite right about him despite his smooth way of doing things. Krisch grabs your attention and drags you along down his road to hell.

As portraits of psychopaths or true crime films go this is one of the best of recent vintage. Definitely a a must see for those who like those sorts of thing. While I normally like them but you'll forgive me if I don't talk any more about the film because I have to do something to get the film and the man out of my head.

The film has two more screenings:
Thurs Sept 17, 9:15pm, Scotiabank 10
Sun Sept 20, 9:00am, Scotiabank 14

For tickets and more information go here

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