Saturday, September 26, 2015

New York Film Festival 2015 Projections: Program 4 and a note about Program 5

A brief report this time out because too many films either were not available or not functioning, that said HARD AS OPAL is one of the best films at NYFF this year.

HARD AS OPAL- grabbing your attention right at the start this film is one of the best in the whole projections. I have no idea what to say or how to describe it- slices of life and sex? I simply want to see it again.

NON STOP BEAUTIFUL LADIES - intriguing film of Los Angeles streets with signs and ladies

MARS GARDEN-5th in a series has us looking at image bleed throughs from comics as music plays- amusing- but this is a series? really?

Neither EXQUISITE CORPUS nor CONFESSIONS were given to me to review
The films in this collection screen twice on October 3. For tickets and information go here.

Neither film in Program 5 was made available for review. For information on Program 5 go here.

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