Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why you should see RAN at the New York Film Festival 10/2

Because of the way the screenings fell together with this year's New York Film Festival I haven't had time to get to coverage of all of the revivals the way I have in years past. I simply don't have time to write full reviews of all of the films. However there are a couple of films I have to mention even if it's just to tell you to go and see it.

Akira Kurosawa's RAN is Shakespeare's King Lear set in medieval Japan. The story tinkers with things in that instead of daughters the king has sons, and instead of just greed and lust for power the motives are more complex involving revenge. One character is more Lady Macbeth than anything in Lear.

Its an awesome film that proved that despite what some people may have thought, the old master hadn't lost a step.

If you've never seen the film you have to go. Its just one of the greatest works of cinema you'll ever see. Seriously you have to go see this.

If you've only seen the film on TV you also must go, I say this because if you've only see it on TV you've never seen it. This is a gorgeous widescreen film that was made to be seen big. Its a film that changes and becomes richer the bigger that you see it. The fact that this is a new restoration makes this even more a must see.

Go see this (and it's a Friday night so there is no reason not to go)

The film plays October 2. For tickets go here

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