Friday, September 4, 2015

In Brief: Deep Dark (2015) Portland Film Festival 2015

Off kilter horror film/black comedy concerns a no talent artist named Herman who makes mobiles. They are some of the most god awful things you've ever seen. Certain that he is destined for greatness he won't leave home until he's a star much to his mother annoyance. On the verge of moving out he calls his uncle, a successful artist, who tells him to move into his old apartment. He does so but things don't work out. However when he is most desperate he discovers a talking hole in the wall which helps him achieve success but at a price.

This film isn't going to work for a good many people. The humor is more of the uncomfortable kind and the horror is more a nagging sense of dread than straight out scares. Its very mannered and I completely understand the people who don't like it.

For those that click with it this is going to be a wicked little comedy that takes the piss out of the art world and artists. Its a creepy little thriller that puts a bit of gas back into the tank of the sub-genre of artists finding a costly gimmick to help them succeed (ala BUCKET OF BLOOD)

For me this was an amusing little morel that nicely filled it's 75 minutes or so with a bloody good time.

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