Thursday, September 24, 2015

In Brief: UNEXPECTED (2015)

Hitting home video Tuesday is Kris Swanberg's UNEXPECTED about an unmarried teacher who discovers she's pregnant. She ends up bonding with one of her students who also discovers she is pregnant as well.

This is a nice little film with good performances, a decent script and an ease that makes it feel like a well loved friend even on the first viewing....

...which for me was kind of the problem, Watching the Blu-ray I had to get up to do something at one point and I stopped the disc. The time came up and it was just under an hour into the film. That was something that kind of shocked me because I kept waiting for the film to get more dramatic, I wanted the sense that the film wasn't going to end a certain way, and I never felt that. Looking at the time I realized that unless the film was going to go completely out of character the film was not going to surprise me in any great way. That's not bad, but the lack of a bite kind of keeps it from being a great film.

As I said its a nice little film. Absolutely enjoyable and recommended. It's just a film thats lacking in any sort of a bite.

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