Monday, September 28, 2015

New York Film Festival Projections: Program 7

Politics collides with experimental to mixed effect

HELLO- the mash up of the life of a trash picker in Mexico and a computer animator in Germany come wonderfully together.

F IS FOR FIBONACCI - kaleidoscope animation, Minecraft and other style images crash together to mixed results in a trippy film. The problem here is the herky jerky animation in places and a narrator who is too flat. Still it has some interesting bits

BLACK CODE-BLACK NOIR- a look at the killings of Michael Brown and Kajieme Powell by police officers.Its too experimental to really work

LESSONS OF WAR- five stories of the war in Gaza. I get what it's going for but the animation style completely works against it.

SCALES IN THE SPECTRUM OF SPACE- I think this is a woman pondering existence-or not

MANY THOUSANDS GONE-Live in Harlem and Salvador Brazil are intercut.

The program screens October 3&4. For more information and tickets go here.

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