Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New York Film Festival 2015 Projections Program 1

First of the Projections programs plays October 2- Over all it was disappointing with films that go on much too long.

NEITHER GOD NOR SANTA MARIA- decaying images of landscapes and an old woman going through her daily life in to country are juxtaposed with a sermon about witches. Despite some stunning imagery this film didn't quite work for me.

SOMETHING HORIZONTAL-anaglyph 3D film is headache producing thanks to rapid cutting of images early on, distorted images later and a sound track that is largely white noise and a clicking sound

TRACES/LEGACY- Flickering images made via a film recorder strobe on the screen as we listen to the sound of the film going through the optical printer. Trippy for a while but its too long at ten minutes.

ENTANGLED- various people talk about things that happened in Columbia as the audience falls into unconsciousness. I walked away half way in and never looked back.

The film ANALYSIS OF EMOTIONS AND VEXATIONS was not made available to me

For more information and tickets go here.

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