Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NYFF 2015: Shorts Collection 3: Animation

I should mention at the start that I did not see the big film in this collection SANJAY'S SUPER TEAM from Pixar because it was not made available to me for review.

As you no doubt know this year the New York Film Festival split their shorts collections into four parts International, Genre, Animation and New York. This is a great thing because it allows more films to be seen and also prevents the whiplash of bouncing between themes you can get with mixed collections.

I don't have to tell any long time reader of Unseen Films that I am an animation fan. I love animation and I love watching shorts. I love pretty much every kind of animation and I love catching the work of someone I never knew existed.

My love of animation is the reason my reaction to this collection is really mixed. There are some good films here but I can't believe that these are the best animated films they had available. Worse I can't believe the darkness of their taste, the art for several of these are horrific. Additionally the choices seem to have been made with the idea of making sure that things are adult. This really isn't an all ages collection (yes I know there is a warning) despite the Pixar inclusion-and what the hell is that doing here with say LINGERIE SHOW with graphic sex?

Note to the powers at NYFF- do animation again next year but get some one else to do it-get the GKids people or Animation Block Party. Hell I'll do it. DO NOT let whom ever programmed this year do it next year, they have a limited taste in animation styling and it all feels exactly the same.

LINGERIE SHOW-a garishly animated film (kind of looks kind an art store threw up on screen) about a a woman, her bi-sexual boyfriend and a lingerie show. I have nothing to say except I was turned off by the first frame and it only got worse.

HOT BOD- out there film has a guy swallow a "grow your own girlfriend" pill and become the lust object of a hot guy. Funny film.

WHOLE- beautifully made film about a broken hearted woman looking for her spirit animal. Glorious widescreen filmmaking. This and PALM ROT are the only two films that belong playing at NYFF.

DENNIS THE PIRATE- Artist Sam Messer tells the story of his ancestor who was a pirate. Good film, but the art isn't my cup of tea. Yes it's like Messer's art, but seems more like doodles in a high schooler's notebook.

PALM ROT- a man on a fan boat sees a plane crash and finds package that should not be opened. A good little horror story.

SANJAY'S SUPER TEAM would be programed right here.

FOOD- been there and done that animated documentary about food. Think Aardman's creature comforts but with food. Its good but there is nothing new here.

ROLLING- a squirrel rolls. WHat the hell is this and what is it doing at NYFF? this belongs in the NYICFF tots series not at NYFF.

Both screenings are stand by only but for more information and possibly tickets go here

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