Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reviews of THE WALK and THE LOBSTER are coming.

Time is not a friend and I have just enough time to type  out that I have seen both THE WALK and LOBSTER. Full reviews are coming soon for both.

THE WALK, the story of the tightrope walk between the Twin Towers  is an often silly film. Told in flashback it is the story of how it all happened. Its very conventional and until the actual walk kind meh. The walk itself is very well done.

Two quick notes if you see it see it in 3D.  WHile the 3D like in most Zemeckis films isn't great but the film was designed for it and looks lousy flat. The other note is that the film ends on an emotional note involving the towers. It made me misty for reasons having nothing to do with the film itself. Its a cheap shot by the director and unfair because it's not earned.

THE LOBSTER is a weird comedy about a society where people have to have a partner or they are turned into animal. It kind of works and I do like it but there are problems which I can't discuss here. If you're a fan of the director's other films like DOGTOOTH, you'll love it.

Okay- gotta run- full reviews coming.

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