Thursday, September 10, 2015

Toronto starts today-we will be covering it

The annual TIFF starts today. That’s Toronto International Film Festival not a fight. TIFF is ten days of movies, movies and more movies. It’s a festival and film market and the place where many of the fall and winter films launch.

There are a good number of films that I really really want to see. The schedule is such that I should have saved my pennies and gone myself. I had dinner with Lesley Coffin over the weekend and she was regaling me with all of the films she was going to see and the people she was going to interview and I just smiled, wondering if there was any way I could lock her in a closet and travel to the festival pretending to be her. Of course that could never happen, she is after all much better looking than me, but the thought did cross my mind.

I know you’re wondering if I am not going to Toronto why am I bothering to talk about it? Because through thanks to the wonders of the modern age I will be providing coverage of a bunch of the films. As it stands now I’m planning on running reviews of 8 to 12 films. I’m not sure how many there will be beyond the initial 8 because I’m still working out arrangements.

I will say that what I’ve seen I’ve liked and they are films you’ll want to have on your radar ( especially WOMEN HE'S UNDRESSED, THE STRANGER (aka Zhat), HEAVY HEART and JACK)

Keep reading to see what we've seen---

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