Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why you should see HEAVEN CAN WAIT at the New York Film Festival 10/1

Because of the way the screenings fell together with this year's New York Film Festival I haven't had time to get to coverage of all of the revivals the way I have in years past. I simply don't have time to write full reviews of all of the films. However there are a couple of films I have to mention even if it's just to tell you to go and see it.

HEAVEN CAN WAIT is a really good film. Ernst Lubitsch's comedy of manners is a wicked little confection. The film opens as Don Ameche arrives in Hell with such an awful reputation that Satan himself has to do the entry interview. While it may not be Lubitsch's best (I like some of his early musicals), it's damn close.

The film was just restored and you really have to go.

Why? Two reasons-

First Martin Scorsese is going to do a Q&A. If you need another reason I'm going to come to your house and smack the crap out of you. Martin Scorsese talking classic film that's enough.

The second reason to see it is that the film is the only revival playing at Alice Tully Hall. Whats the big deal? It means that the film is going to play on one of the biggest non-IMAX screens in the world. It means that the film will be projected larger than you will ever have a chance to see it again. It will be huge and perfectly projected.

You really have to go or else you're going to have to turn in you're movie lovers card. Trust me it will be one of the truly great movie going experiences of your life. (sadly I'm not going , I'm going to see Charlie Chaplin's grandson perform live)

The film plays October 1st. For tickets go here.

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