Tuesday, September 8, 2015

In Brief: Dempsey Sisters (2013)

Hitting home video today is the heart warming film THE DEMPSEY SISTERS

When one of the Dempsey sisters is fired by her employer- not because she did anything wrong- rather because she wasn't doing what she loved-she moves in with one of her other sisters in order to try and figure out what to do. Through circumstances she enlists her two sisters to form a singing group. Helped by their brother who has chucked it all to make a run at the big time in the music business the girls make a run  at the big time.

I've seen dozens of not hundreds of small little films like this - small scale family dramas destined for the direct to home video market and cable rotation and this is one of the best I've run across. To be certain it's a tad cliche, you know where its going, but to be honest these are not the sort of films that you watch for surprises. You watch these films because you want familiarity, you want cinematic comfort food. The good ones hit all the right notes, they don't go too far a field and are so well acted it's like watching a bunch of friends. THE DEMPSEY SISTERS is like that.

To state it simply this is a charming little film about love and the importance of family is nothing that you need to see but it is absolutely something you should see if you run across it on cable or streaming. This is good time with good people.

THE DEMPSEY SISTERS hits home video (DVD, Blu-ray and VOD) today

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