Thursday, September 24, 2015

New York Film Festival Projections Program 2

I am finding it damn near impossible to write the shorts up with any detail- I mean there are just too many of them so the best I'm going to be able to do it talk generally about the collections and tell you what the films are, and how they are.

That said this collection is a mostly interesting collection of shorts. It has a couple of the coolest films at this years NYFF

INTERSECTION- a field of flowers viewed from across a busy street as cars whiz in and out of the frame. An interesting experiment.

PORT NOIR- black and white-film noirish images of the Port of Los Angeles. Very cool.

CENTER OF THE CYCLONE- images of the sea, mountains, car, motorcycles intercut with an occasion passage of text. No.

LE PAYS DEVASTE (The Devastated land)- distorted landscape images create the feeling of being in a post apocalyptic world.  Another good one.

CATHODE GARDEN- Found images and ancient home recordings create their own reality. It takes a bit but you fall into it.

SOMETHING BETWEEN US- an unremarkable dance of jewelry

BROUILLARD #15- beyond wickedy cool record of a trip to a cottage but shot in such away as to blow your mind. WOW.

PRIMA MATERIA was not available for screening

The films screen October 2 &3. For more information go here

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