Monday, September 28, 2015

Deathgasm (2015)

Bored and put upon teenage heavy metal fans open a portal allowing a demon to cross over. They now have to fight the hordes of hell and find away to end the undead onslaught.

This is an incredibly gory, occasionally funny horror comedy that largely hits all of the right notes while traveling over well traveled ground.

If that sounds like a mixed recommendation it is. I'm very torn about this film. This is a very good film that should have been a truly great one.

Don't get me wrong, this is a very well made and well acted film. The gore effects are first rate. The cast is spot on (even if they all seen 5 to 10 years too old), the problem is that outside of the better special effects, the film doesn't do anything new here. There is a whole subgenre of horror films where heavy metal and demons are linked (BLACK ROSES anyone?). Additionally  coming into play is the genre of people opening demonic doors- we've seen this before.

I would forgive it the cliche plot if the jokes and some of the killings didn't seem like retreads. How many times are we going to see some one bludgeoned to death by his own arms, or have someone complain that his underlings just ruined an expensive rug? If you're a fan of the genre you've seen this before. Admittedly they raided the best jokes from earlier films, but they didn't come up with enough new stuff. (Though I do like the closer)

The one thing that the film gets right is Medina played by Kimberly Crossman. A blonde object of lust for everyone in the film she turns out to be sympathetic to the head bangers. More importantly she turns into one absolute kick ass killer of the undead. Here at last is the next female horror movie character that girls and women can really look up to. She is no shrinking violet and the world and the film is better for it. Frankly she's enough of a reason for me to forget any reservations and tell you to see DEATHGASM.

Actually if you're a horror fan, especially of the truly blood soaked variety and don't mind lots of laughs I think you should give this film a shot. Its a really good film, and while I'm deeply disappointed that it's not a great film, I do think there is enough here for you to see the film when it hit theaters and VOD on Friday.

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