Sunday, September 27, 2015

Queen Crab (2013)

I know I’m speaking to a self-selecting group of readers right now. I know anyone who is not likely to want to see a film about a giant crab causing havoc in a small community is not reading this. Anyone who saw the title either took a pass and went on to the next thing or rapidly clicked on the link dying to know if the film wasn’t too stupid.

The answer to the stupid question, is no it’s not. Actually the full answer is QUEEN CRAB is actually a really good giant monster movie that is infinitely better than many of the Syfy originals because it doesn’t treat the subject matter in a dismissive tongue in cheek way.

The plot of the film has a quiet community rocked when a crab grows to giant proportions and terrorizing the countryside. Complicating matters is the fact that the crab was a childhood pet of a young woman whose parents were blown up in a terrible accident….

High art? Hell no.

A hell of a lot of fun? Oh yes.

The crab was not done with computers but animated via stop motion and the love and caring shows. The beast has a weight and reality that most CGI monsters don’t have. While the effects aren’t always perfect, they are good enough that you’ll forgive the flaws. Certainly the compositing of puppet and people looks much better than many of the Syfy films pure computer creations.

I’m kind of at a loss at how to review this film. Either you’re going to be interested in the film or you’re not. If you are interested you’re going to like it, though to be honest this is good enough that you’ll probably love it. Anything I can say Is not going to effect that. My one small complaint is that there is slowish 15 minutes where characters are introduced- however once the giant crab shows up the film takes off and just goes

The best thing I can say about the film is this is one of the best giant monster films of recent vintage. It’s a small gem of a film that any monster lover really should seek out. The film hits home video and VOD Tuesday and is a must see.

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