Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NYFF 2015 Shorts Collection 2: Genre (aka Horror)

This year programmers at the New York Film Festival scheduled four different short film collections: International, Animation, New York and Genre...

..actually the Genre is pretty much pure unadulterated horror. I know they talk about fantasy and noir, but to hell with that this is just pure things that go bump in the night. Trust me this 90 minute collection is absolutely blood soaked- and I mean that with love and affection. This collection is great and an absolute MUST see for anyone who loves horror films not to mention anyone who loves just damn good films.

TERRITORY- great little horror story set in 1957 about a shepherd in the mountains who discovers some of his herd mutilated. Things get funky after he sees some paratroopers jump into the area. Super little monster story (no it's not giving anything away). The only thing bad I can say about it is that there a couple of places where they use computer animation and it momentarily breaks the spell. Over all this is great fun

WE WANTED MORE- a singer with vocal problems has to decide whether to go on tour or give it up and raise a family. As she waits for a ride to the airport things take a creepy turn. A disturbing little film that had some one behind me going 'Oh Shit" and worse. Yea this is the kind of film that has people talking back to it whether they want to or not. An absolute must see.

SANGE is the Romanian word for blood. The film has a woman who loves horror films, and who just got into an argument with her dismissive boyfriend,  getting an invitation to a special screening. What happens then is the movie. While I'm not thrilled with the ending, the film kind gets to a point where it has no choice but to go one way, the film generates so much unease and tension it's worth seeing.

HOW TO BE A VILLAIN- a lecture by a super villain on how to follow in his footsteps. A lighthearted change of pace is the odd duck when compared to all the other films. While an excellent film on it's own terms it's placement between two ugly films lessens its impact.

RAMONA is a three long single take film about a woman who takes bloody violent revenge for a rape/abduction.  Brutal ugly table turning slasher film. I love the film on a technical level.  Its not a bad film, but I don't like these sort of films under the best of circumstances (or even when men are doing something similar)

This collections plays on the 27th and 30th and is a must see. For tickets and more information go here.

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