Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Cohen Media launches the Cohen Media Channel on Amazon

New York, NY (May 1, 2018) - In a major move that will be cheered by movie lovers, Cohen Media Group is launching a subscription video on demand (SVOD) service on Amazon Channels, it was announced today by CMG Chairman and CEO Charles S. Cohen. The new Cohen Media Channel puts part of the company's catalog of Award-winning independent, arthouse and foreign films - as well as its vast Cohen Film Collection of classic and landmark titles - at viewers' fingertips.

The Cohen Media Channel will be a home for the work of such revered and diverse directors as Alfred Hitchcock, Abbas Kiarostami, Costa-Gavras, Ken Loach, Claude Chabrol, Luis Buñuel, the Taviani Brothers, Buster Keaton and Jean-Luc Godard. Recent acclaimed films such as Asghar Farhadi's Oscar-winning film The SalesmanFrançois Ozon's The New Girlfriend and Marina Willer's Red Trees will also fill the channel's palette of selections.

Among the Cohen Media Channel's unique viewing features and enhancements will be:
  • Curated selections of films Introductions by film experts and historian
  • Features and short films
  • Classic restorations as well as newer releases
  • Exclusive introductions created just for the channel
  • Films that can be seen nowhere else
  • Extras and bonuses attached to many films

The initial set of informative introductions for curated selections will include:  
  • Director and author Peter Bogdanovich on the "Auteurs and Masters Collection"
  • Critic and author Graham Fuller on the "Leading Ladies Collection"
  • Film programmer Richard Peña on the "1990s World Cinema Collection"
  • Film historian Noah Isenberg on William Dieterle's jazz romance Syncopation
  • Charles S. Cohen on the Cohen Media Channel, Cohen Media Group and Cohen Film Collection
  • Critic Amy Taubin on "The Films of Jean-Luc Godard"
  • Cinema professor Emily Carman on the Joan Crawford thriller Sudden Fear
  • Producer Mark Olsen on Emmanuelle Bercot's recent On My Way

Viewers will be treated to such bonus features as:
  • "Shipwrecked in a Studio: A Video Essay with Donald Spoto" - with Hitchcock's Jamaica Inn
  • A new video interview with director Benoit Jacquot - with The Disenchanted
  • "The Poetry of Cinema: Abbas Kiarostami in Conversation with Richard Peña" - with The Wind Will Carry Us

In addition to running his film production, distribution and exhibition company, Charles S. Cohen is also an Oscar-nominated producer. His production Frozen River (2008) received two Academy Award nominations, and he has just received two more nominations: Best Documentary Feature, for Agnès Varda and JR's Faces Places, and Best Foreign-Language Film, for Ziad Doueiri's The Insult - both of which will eventually find a home on the Cohen Media Channel.

Cohen is a devoted film fan and champion who has used his resources to improve and expand the moviegoing and movie-watching experience. In the past few years, he has renovated former landmark cinemas, including New York City's Quad Cinema, as state-of-the-art theaters exhibiting both the latest Hollywood blockbusters and more specialized or challenging fare such as foreign films, documentaries and titles from the repertory canon. Aware of the new ways viewers are watching films via streaming options, he is now leading the way in that exciting direction - and the Cohen Media Channel's unparalleled menu of films will become a new standard of quality in the streaming universe.

"While the movie-watching experience is evolving, what doesn't change is fans' love for intelligent and compelling films," Charles S. Cohen said. "We're excited to make our wonderful array of films more accessible than ever via Amazon Channels."

To learn more about Cohen Media Channel on Amazon Channels and to sign up visit: COHEN MEDIA CHANNEL here!  
About Cohen Media Group (www.cohenmedia.net)
Formed in 2008 by Charles S. Cohen, COHEN MEDIA GROUP, LLC (CMG) is a leading producer and distributor of independent, foreign and arthouse films in North America. Cohen Media Group is today the largest American distributor of French films in the United States, while its specialty home entertainment label, the Cohen Film Collection, releases restored and remastered editions of classic Hollywood and foreign films on Digital platforms, Blu-ray and DVD. Cohen Media Group has distributed over 113 feature films and 10 shorts and has been nominated for eight Academy Awards. CMG releases include The Salesman from Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi, which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and the Oscar nominated Faces Places and The Insult. The Company has also acquired the rights to over 800 films, including cinema landmarks from Douglas Fairbanks and Buster Keaton. Charles Cohen recently acquired Merchant Ivory Productions, best known for Howards End and Maurice. Additionally, Cohen Media Group has several feature film and television productions currently in the works and most recently launched the Cohen Media Channel, an SVOD channel, which is now available on Amazon. 

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