Sunday, May 27, 2018

The annual Open Roads Festival of New Italian Cinema opens Thursday

Open Roads is one of the great festivals in any film year. Lincoln Center’s annual survey of Italian cinema always gives me a whole bunch of cinematic delights that I would never have seen otherwise. Every year I’m always tempted to see everything because the films are always so wonderfully curated. There is almost never a bad film, only one that looks weak only when compared to the other high quality films.

This year is the same way, there is nary a bad one in the bunch, and I’ve seen pretty much everything they are running. While there is one film I’m not reviewing because I’m the wrong person to talk about it, everything else is choice and recommended. That may sound like PR BS but it’s not, I really liked everything I’ve seen.

If you need a push why not try THE PLACE, BOYS CRY or STORIES OF LOVE THAT CANNOT BELONG IN THIS WORLD-. Though see whatever interests you because there is something for everyone.

The festival starts Thursday and runs through June 6th . For more information and tickets go here.

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