Tuesday, May 1, 2018

No Greater Law (2018) Tribeca 2018

Examination of the line where religius freedom collides with the notion that we must protect the good of everyone, and especially children. The battle lines are drawn in Idaho, where parents can not be charged if their children die because they don't believe in modern medicine.

Clear eyed and fair, the film  focuses on several members of the Followers of Christ who state their cases very clearly and intelligently even as their children die around them. Theyare countered by the local sheriff who thins the time has come to make a stand and do something to save the kids. (The death rate for Followers children is 35% compared to 3% for the rest if the state) The film also highlights the local coroner, who is caught in the middle between the sides since she fears that stricter regulations will result in the children disappearing and not getting proper burials.

Quiet and medatativ, the film forces us to seriously consider both sides of the argument before making it plain that things have to change since way too many kids are dying.

I was moved since director Tom Dumican lets things play out so there is no forced resolution which is always a fear in a film like this.


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