Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tears of the Black Tiger (2000) New York Asian FIlm Festival 2018

This is a review I wrote up for IMDB in 2007

Parody/homage/ pastiche/(take your pick) film thats a send up of romance movies and Italian westerns. so over the top you'll wonder if there ever was a top, this is one wild ride, even by Thai movie standards.

With blood and gore and painted backgrounds mixing with real locations and a very deliberate sense of reality this film is either going to strike you as a masterpiece or a piece of cow flop. I'm somewhere in the middle-leaning towards the dislike camp. The problem for me its so artificial I that I was watching the wheels and gears whir instead of watching the story unfold. I also am not really in love with the idea that this is almost two hours long. Overwhelmed with the artifice I turned it off a good clip in. The reaction is not really unexpected since I have a real love hate relation hip with the Thai film industry where I find I either lover or hate the films, there is no rhyme or reason other than I dislike most Thai horror films I stumble upon on my own.

Is Black Tiger worth seeing (or should that be trying?)? Hell yea. There is nothing like it for shaking the dust from the notion of all movies are the same. There is nothing like this I've ever seen in the west and very few in the east

Tears of the Black Tiger plays Thursday at NYAFF. For more information and tickets go here

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