Sunday, February 17, 2019

Oscar Films: If Beale Street Could Talk and Can You Ever Forgive Me?

If Beale Street Could Talk
Barry Jenkins follow up to MOONLIGHT is a beautiful heartbreaking film about a false accusation of rape and how it rips apart a young couple. Stunningly acted, and beautifully made on every level. How and why this didn't get more Oscar nominations is a head scratcher since it as good as a film as they come.

Can You Ever Forgive Me?
The story of Lee Israel's turning to literary forgery in order to make ends meet is a wickedly funny and incredibly sad film about two people, Israel (Melissa McCarthy) and her cohort Jack Hock (played by Richard E Grant) who are on the outs with life and just trying to get by. Containing what maybe Melissa McCarthy's greatest performance this is good time with some people you probably wouldn't really want to hang out with in real life. Hopefully they will be getting some Oscar love.

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